Strong and confident, not afraid to show some people my weakness and like to talk about feelings.

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, 40 años
Güímar,Santa Cruz de Tenerife,CP38530

Hola! I am a handyman with strong hands, humble and kind, love to dress up for an evening. I have jobs, a steady income and 3 lovely outcomes with same mother. Puh. The children stay with me every other week, as i am a single father. I am looking for someone i could visit once in a while, at least a couple of times every year and also you may want to come and stay at my place in your holiday, if you ever want to visit Norway. I would like to meet a friend, soulmate, lover or just someone special at this pretty fantastic Island that already holds a good little piece of my heart and that section of my heart keeps growing bigger and bether for every year i come back to Tenerife. I have never stayed in the South. Also, as a photographer (advanced hobby, still not pro) i look for friends and/or models in any size and appearance. No experience needed (for photo.) i have never taken nude photos, not sure if i ever would.?

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